Sasya Sanjeevini Arogyadhama – OPD unit at Gokarna, near KSRTC bus stand

We offer medical consultations for all kinds of acute and chronic diseases across all age groups, along with diet and lifestyle advice. A unique assessment and treatment process is followed based on Classical Ayurveda. Our team consists of highly competent doctors who are trained Ayurveda and Yoga. This gives them a unique perspective on holistic health and a deeper understanding of the human system. The doctors and vaidyas also practice powerful, dynamic yogic methods and processes, which support in enhancing their perception and diagnostic abilities.

The doctors use ancient diagnostic systems by observing the nadis or energy channels, tongue, eyes, skin and voice, combined with modern diagnostic techniques, to diagnose and treat health conditions. We address the root cause of the problem rather than only the symptoms, and our emphasis is on prevention and general health. The treatments we prescribe are authentic and traditional, yet can be easily incorporated into a modern lifestyle.