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Who we are?

Sanjeevini Ayurveda was established 6 years ago by Dr. Patanjali Sharma, who hails from a family of Ayurvedic Doctors and Practitioners who have been following the Indian traditional system of medicines since the last 3 generations. The first generation is his great grandfather Brahmarshi Daivarata Sharma, The one and only modern seer. Later his grandson Vaidya Vedashrava Sharma, folklore practitioner continued his service to the society. Now, Dr. Patanjali Sharma and his wife Dr. Soumyashree Sharma, both of them who are registered Ayurvedic practitioners, are giving their best to bring about a healthy society through “Sasya Sanjeevini Ayur Dhama” commonly called by the name Sanjeevini Ayurveda, catering to more than 600 people in the last 2 years.

What we do?

Sanjeevini Ayurveda, spread over a 2 acre beautiful scenic land, is one of the most preferred Ayurvedic centers around Western belt of India, where people from all over the globe enroll for a health revitalization. Sanjeevini Ayurveda offers its services through customized therapies for different ailments and to Purify, Rejuvenate and Relax the mind and body. With it’s natural beautiful and healthy surroundings, Sanjeevini Ayurveda promises 100% satisfaction for all their guests and patients.

Our Doctors

Dr Patanjali Sharma

Dr. Patanjali Sharma


Dr. Patanjali Sharma is an experienced ayurvedic doctor registered under C.C.I.M ( Central Council of Indian system of Medicine) and AYUSH Board.

Dr sowmyashree sharma pic

Dr. Soumyashree Sharma


Dr. Sowmyashree Sharmais - ayurvedic doctor - Bachelor Degree in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery - registered under C.C.I.M. and AYUSH Board.


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